Bosch Ahs 55-16 Electric Hedge Trimmer


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Manufacturer Description

Highlights: ·High-power motor with 450 W for powerful cut ·Blade length: 550mm ·Small outer dimensions for better manageability ·Optimum balance and ergonomics for comfortable working in any position

Technical Specifications: Operating voltage: 230 V/50 Hz · Weight: 2,6 kg

Description: The Bosch AHS 50-16 is a lightweight and 450W powerful hedgecutter. The lightweight hedgecutter is designed to reduce the strain on your arms and back. The well balanced hedgecutter with ergonimic handles ensures a more comfortable working position while providing high performance with the high-speed motor and 16mm tooth opening that gives you the cutting power for all type of hedges.


Further Information

Featuring Small outer dimensions for better manageability and Blade length: 550mm, the +AHS 55-16 EU H is made by BOSCH. The Bosch Ahs 55-16 Electric Hedge Trimmer is offered for everyone to purchase on-line at this fantastic price.

Order the +AHS 55-16 EU H from BOSCH right away and get prompt, efficient shipping directly to your front door.