Andrew James Hedge Trimmer 500 Watts 51cm Blade 10m Cable

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Manufacturer Description

Lightweight Hedge Trimmer

Stay on top of garden maintenance tasks with this lightweight hedge trimmer. The 51cm cutting blade with 16mm tooth spacing makes quick work of shrubs and hedges and the ergonomic design means it is easy to hold and manoeuvre on tall or wide hedges.

How Long is the Cable?

This hedge cutter comes with an extra long 10 metre cable, so you don't need to worry about extension leads in extension leads to reach your hedge. We've also included a cable clamp on the hand guard to help you keep the electric cable safely out of the way whilst you are cutting.

What Safety Features Are Included?

We've included a range of features on this hedge cutter to make sure it is safe, as well as easy to use.

  • Double Switch Operation: The hedge cutter has two switches in different locations meaning you need both hands on the handle to both start it and keep it running. If pressure is removed from one of these switches the cutter will turn off, even if the other one is still depressed.
  • Hand Guard: The hand guard serves a double purpose. As well as preventing your hands or fingers slipping onto the moving blades, it also makes holding the cutter easier, helping you controlling the blade.
  • Shock Protection: If you accidentally hit a thicker branch or fence post for example, the built-in shock protection will prevent kickback from the blade.
  • Blade Guard: Slip the plastic blade guard over the stainless steel cutting blades when the machine is not in use. This helps to keep the blade clean as well as preventing accidental cuts or damage.
  • As well as the above safety features we recommend that you use both eye and ear protection whilst using the lightweight hedge cutter, and install a residual current device (RCD) on the socket.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic Electric Hedge Trimmer makes gardening easy - even for beginners!
  • 500W motor for speedy chopping, mains powered with convenient 10m cable
  • Safety features including built-in hand guard, double trigger switch, kickback protection and cable clamp
  • Strong steel cutting blades with a total length of 51cm, with 16mm tooth spacing allowing you to cut large volumes at once
  • Vibrant green colour - 2 Year Warranty - No Registration Required

Further Information

Created by Andrew James, the well known manufacturer, this item is now excellent value for money. Andrew James Hedge Trimmer 500 Watts 51cm Blade 10m Cable is offered for customers to request online at our fantastic price.

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